Our Vision

Tectonics Engineering and Consults Limited is vast in geotechnical services, these are
-Soil Investigation
We are fully equipped to carry out the following soil tests

  • Measurements of soil index properties including – moisture content tests, specific gravity tests
  • Soil classification tests – atterberg limits, particle size analysis, hydrometer analysis
  • Compaction tests – proctor test, modified proctor, AASHTO (heavy) compaction tests
  • Shear strength tests – direct shear test, triaxial test, unconfined compression test
  • California bearing ratio test
  • Soil compressibility – consolidation test
  • Permeability tests – constant head and falling head tests
  • In-situ tests – standard penetration tests, sand replacement tests

-Design of Civil Engineering Structures
We analyze and design a wide range of structures, these are

  • Dams and dam accessories
  • Irrigation/drainage channels
  • Highway drainage, carriage way and structure
  • Building foundations
  • Embankment and retaining wall

-Geophysical Investigation


-Installation of Laboratory Equipment
Proper installation of different brands of Laboratory equipment is one of our key responsibilities. Our team of seasoned engineers, technologist and technicians are capable of installing and maintaining your laboratory due to their wealth of experience, skills, precision and dedication to service.
-Project Supervision
Supervision is one of our key for the proper delivery of our services. In conjunction with our analysis and design, we offer supervisory service which is very expedient in the monitoring of proper usage of materials, work force and machinery in conformity with the international standard.
-Training of Personnel
The collapse of infrastructures at alarming rate in recent times had propelled us to integrate the training of engineers, builders, geologists and allied professionals into our services. If we could not investigate the geotechnical properties of the whole earth, we could sensitize the whole earth on the need for proper geotechnical investigation before construction.
-Advisory services
We render geotechnical advisory services for Construction and Consulting firms around the globe







Solving sub-soil problems by rendering geotechnical investigation services in the form of training allied professionals, laboratory research works, field/site investigation services and supply of laboratory equipments to all and sundry